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Almost 50% of people have patience of approximately 2 seconds for your website to load. If your website takes longer than that, the possibility that the user might turn back and look for faster alternatives cannot be neglected. The user has to click on the next result from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Hence, the most important aspect of your website is the load time. If your website is slow, fixing it should be your priority. A user waiting for a website to load is like standing in a queue with no one ahead of you. It’s just time consuming a big NO for any brand.

What Should You Do?

A problem can be solved only when we know the root cause. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to find out why your website is acting like a snail. Here are some of the possible reasons that might have decreased your website’s speed:

Once you have figured out why your website is slow, you need to fix it. Let’s say your site is running late because your server is weak. In this case, you need to upgrade your existing hosting package or find a better server. If the images on your site are too heavy, you need to compress them.

Use online tools to find out the loop holes and try to fix them. Incase the problem you find is beyond your knowledge, seek help from professionals. Your website is your brand’s face. Make sure it’s attractive and functioning.

Keep watching this space to know more about you can make your website better and friendly.

Happy Marketing!