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We innovate to make
a difference

A business is the creation of your ideas and hard work. A brand is what we do to help you create. We take inspiration from your business to give back the much needed identity to your business. At EAD Cosmos we don’t just create brands but grow your business as well.


Who We Are?

We are fueled by creativity, we are EAD Cosmos.

Why Choose Us?

Choose us if you want to do things differently.

Our Mission

To make your branding experience unforgettable.

What We Do?

We establish your virtual presence to help you grow and succeed.

Our Mission

"We believe that branding assists in transforming a business into a successful brand. We believe in making your branding experience an unforgettable one."

About Us

We are not just a digital marketing agency but a team of creative enthusiasts that look at the world with an artistic approach. We follow the rules of creativity & bend em’ a bit to produce eccentricity & uniqueness! For us the world is an endless source of inspiration. We believe in spending the best of our creativity to provide your business with successful outcomes.

It’s only because of our teamwork & dedication that we have managed to come this far, but our journey has just begun! With the understanding of the digital world of marketing and media trends, we curate the strategy that seamlessly suits your brand. We combine various aspects of creativity with the digital world to reach your business goals.


As a hub of marketing solutions specializing in digital media, we provide an array of marketing and communication services especially designed for your brand. We consider every project as an opportunity to learn further and improve ourselves in order to deliver satisfactory result to our clients.

EAD Cosmos is a diligent team of creative minds that aspires to deliver the mind-blowing marketing solutions to our precious clients. We do things differently to make your business a success! We create to stand out!



Continuing with our skills and effort we grew to become a company handling multiple projects. We started this agency as EAD Cosmos and marked the new beginning for our marketing agency. Establishing ourselves as a hub of various marketing solutions we hoped to render the best of the services.


We always strive to learn, inspire and grow with our experiences and clients. With the urge to create and innovate we transformed from an ad agency into a private limited company called EAD Cosmos Pvt. Ltd. Company. Though the years of experience wasn’t enough to become an independent firm, our only hope was our clients and our ever-growing team that helped us grow.


We achieved another milestone in our never-ending journey when we were recognized and trusted by our clients for our efforts. Every new project, whether small or big, was source of our inspiration that not only helped us learn but also gave us vital experience in this field.


The growth of internet is what compels businesses to go digital. Our clients’ need to go digital is what we wish to satisfy in every creative way possible. We attempt to render best marketing solution to accentuate your brand’s uniqueness. Our team’s success and clients’ trust are what gives hope for the beautiful future.